National Installation centres coming to a forecourt near you

We have successfully tested our products throughout Nigeria and will soon start opening full scale, branded installation centres in order to expand our business. KekeAds has completed arrangement to have branded installation and contact centre in order to consolidate our operatona nationally. These would play a vital role in the Keke Fun Run and act as collation centres for administration of entries for the eagerly awaited race billed for 2016.

Audio Advertising debuts on KekeAds

The results of our past installed displays have been very encouraging and we have, within the last 5 years, successfully installed in excess of 20,000 panels on motor tricycles and in the process empowering operators in Nigeria. We now enter a new chapter with another innovation, the AUdio Advertising System. Our goal is to provide local businesses with an additional opportunity to promote their products and services to prospective customers by running audio adverts on our installed audio systme inside the Kekes. Running an audio advertising campaign with KekeAds Audio will help advertisers reach thousands of listners at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio, or other media.


NFC Panels to be introduced on KekeAds in 2016

Passenger engagement panels equipped with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology will soon be making an appearance on KekeAds. In the past, we have sold advertising to both national and international brands, small businesses and political groups in many States and we are continuing to see the increased uptake of transit media. The NFC embedded panels allows passengers to use their NFC enabled mobile devices to interact with brands advertised on the panels, directing traffic to websites and online platforms selected by the advertisers.

How to be a Sponsor for Keke Fun Run 2016

There are over 200,000 motor tricycles operating in Africa and the number is increasing yearly therefore we are upbeat on Africa’s transit media out-of-home advertising sector. It is for this reason that we are looking to attract over 300 Kekes to compete in the KekeAds Fun Run challenge scheduled to take place in December 2016. The competeting Fun Run tribes would be made up of a Keke driver, a student and a public figure, who would be expected to work together in an exciting, fun and interactive challenge to win prizes in excess of N5 million.

The aim is for the teams to travel around the country and solve various tasks and challenges that would test the ability of the tribes to work as a unit to solve the puzzles and reach the finishing post ahead of the rest. They woud, on the 10 day journey, interact with locals, test their mental capabilities and entertain audiences in the Fun Run billed to be an integral part of an interactive, televised reality TV show that would also bring a different perspective of the people and the tourism appeal of the nation, to the audiences.

Entry details would soon be announced and any companies interested in sponsorship can contact the Keke Fun Run project team on

EU and UNDP petitioned for INEC voter education campaign

Smate & Smate, holders of the Keke Advertising patent registration in Nigeria, has written a petition in respect of the 2015 public education campaign carried out on behalf of the INEC and supported by the European Union and United Nations Development Project (UNDP), after the contracting party absconded without paying for the extensive campaign. KekeAds had been utilised in a campaign that was to see the installation and display of 5,000 Keke advertising panels, however, after the company had spent millions in implementing the campaign, the funding parties refused to release further payments and breached the terms of display signed in fulfilment of the job. We are awaiting the outcome of an independent inquiry to determine whether funds were released by the EU or the UNDP before pursing the matter further using the relevant agency, the EFCC.

PediAds by KekeAds, Launched in Europe

As part of its expansion strategy, KekeAds Worldwide limited has launched its European operations with the introduction of PediAds in London last month.

PediAds was unveiled to the Wimbledon audience highlighting the latest transit media service to hit the city of London. Tennis fans were given free rides from various locations to the main arena, showcasing the media as an effective customer engagement media at events.

Promotion in Motion, the KekeAds way!

We invite you to showcase your business, products and services to the public through KekeAds in order to open a world of new prospects to your company this year. ‘Promotion in motion is the new thing! Keke advertising is fun and appealing to the eyes as well as mind. We continue to provide the most innovative ways to advertise your brands and reach your target audiences effectively - cost and impact.

You are among the selected group of businesses who may qualify for a very special offer from SMATE & SMATE International Limited. Act now and you’ll enjoy 1 month of free Transit Media Advertising. Plus, you’ll get a FREE GIFTwhen you book KekeAds advertising as our thanks for your order.

 Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertisement. KekeAds is offering you a new, exclusive strategy for the endorsement of your brand through the popular KekeAds media. We are introducing our KekeAds Notice Boards series and will be featuring your business for FREE in our KekeAds Find Us in... city series, which aims to identify reputable businesses in the city and recommend them to commuters.

 A single Keke can carry over 500 people a day and (1) one KekeAds passenger Notice Board classified advertisement inside the motor tricycle and run for a duration of one month, can be seen by over 10,000 commuters. So it is really about the number of Kekes you can afford because it is inexpensive compared to all other mediums. You simply must advertise on our KekeAds Find Us Service, if you want your business to succeed. For as little as N400 per day, your brand can be seen by over 1,000,000 people in one month per city!

KekeAds National Development Plan

We have embarked on our national business development program. We are looking for more interesting and passionate relationships! We want people who have something different to offer...positivity, energy, and a bit of brilliance! 

KekeAds recently launched new products and services that allow brands, advertisers, corporations and individuals to promote their business and essence to commuters on the move in our various cities daily. 

The average business (SME) and individual, by paying a small amount, is now entitled to the benefit of reaching a wide range of commuters by sharing the KekeAds system.

We run a social business that sees us empower and improve on the lives of the most impoverished Africans through a social enterprise, ‪#‎KekeAds‬.

Your endorsement of our business will help empower many Nigerians this year and other Africans beyond 2016. KekeAds is a transit media business that helps increase the incomes of motorised three-wheeler operators by providing them with systems that optimise their earnings from their vehicles through advertising. 

The KekeAds platform enables them earn a commission by using their vehicles as an advertising medium that has enlightenment and social engagement functions.

Since we launched KekeAds, we have empowered over 20,000 operators using our system. Each advert placed by you or whomever wishes to reach out to commuters in Africa, contributes to the incomes of the vetted operators from commission paid from the advertising revenue. 

Our goal is to enrich the lives of over 200,000 operators on the continent and aim to do so by empowering them with our range of KekeAds Advertising Systems, which now include:

1. Advertising Display Panels
(Back, Passenger panels and Find Us City noticeboard service)
2. Leaflet Dispensing System (LDS)
3 Automated Audio Advertising (AAA) System

Adverts on the system start from as little as N2,500 a month for a three month campaign that would be carried thought the period on one Keke (vehicle). 

Each vehicle carries up to 20,000 passengers per month and the back panels are seen by millions of motorists and their passengers daily.

In 2016 we hope to increase our activities by installing our AAA System on 50,000 vehicles. That means we would be in a position to interact in close captivity with over 20 million passengers in NIGERIA ALONE!

For every advert you book on the system, no matter how small, YOU will assist a low income earner install our system on their vehicle and enable them earn additional income from advertising commissions we pay them for advertising on their vehicles.

For many years, your advertising spend would be instrumental in helping them feed their families and put their children through school.

Another way you could support this endeavour is to proactively support peer-to-peer funding initiatives such as and try to help the individual drivers who opt to raise micro credit to fund the installation on their vehicles. 

We would be able to ensure the repayment of any credit extended to our operators from the commission they earn from the system, They are after all, MSMEs.

You could also be looking at various business opportunities and in 2016 we would be extending our KekeAds Franchise to engender a generation of graduate entrepreneurs toward a profitable enterprise. 

We will work with you to access any start-up funding which you can use to operate a KekeAds Franchise in the States/Countries and create an enabling environment for the employment of the youth, the empowerment of low income earners and the economic and social development of all Africans.

Finally, as we expand nationally, we want to hire a serious minded and fun team to work with our business. So if you have some passion for the KekeAds plan, then contact us to let us know your true essence and why we would be a good fit in your life.

We promise that our medium would be used to enrich the lives of the drivers and commuters who use the Keke (Tuk Tuk) medium daily and ensure that we expose them to positive content that can help orientate a whole generation of Africans towards a role in making Africa greater.

Please interact with us, #kekeads, on Facebook, twitter and youtube this year and let's do something!

If nothing else, try to use a Keke this year!


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