In 2012 a competition organized by KekeAds, promoted the works of developing creative artists and at the same time drew attention to various cause related messages. Featuring imaginative works and the diverse skills of many photographers, copywriters and graphic artists in Nigeria, the CAGAC project was instrumental in regenerating Creative Arts in Mass Communication in Nigeria and among other achievements, it was an instrumental factor in making Social Causes an important aspect in the lives of Nigerians as they commuted, encouraging Social Responsibility in Nigeria, providing an opportunity for the public to become more aware of the issues that affect them and enhancing the perception of the KekeAds media as a powerful communications tool amongst the commuting public. The organizers made sure that the competition focused on capturing the imagination of the public, improved the awareness of the causes, helped with commercializing the works of the participating graphic artists, assisted in protecting lives, promoting healthcare, and helped with engendering behavioural change among Nigerians.

Kekes carried various messages across the country and coud have be utilized in giving out important numbers of the security agencies and in reminding people to be on the lookout for suspicious activity in these turbulent times. We are always pleased to make a contribution towards meeting the commitment to protecting the lives and property of Nigerians.

The KekeAds inside panel and leaflet distribution system are visible to the passengers inside, to further enhance any campaign and disseminate critical information educating Nigerians on the right action to take to defeat terrorism and tackle other social problems. The back panel makes an impact on motorists and their families, whenever they are behind a Keke in a traffic jam or on the move. Smate & Smate have estimated that over 30 million people see the messages daily in a national campaign involving KekeAds panels.

The CAGAC challenge became a catalyst that encouraged a legion of creative people in the industry to showcase their skills and their belief in the power of the synergy the Keke motor tricycles has with commuters. The competition will be the first of a series of projects for the Entertainment, Creative and Graphics Arts which will be used to encourage public enlightenment on social problems affecting the nation.


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