As part of its plans to ensure that sufficient publicity is created as regards the rescheduled elections for March 28 and April 11, 2015 and as part of its voter education programme, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in league with the United Nations’ Development Programme (UNDP), European Union (EU), have entered into a partnership with KekeADs, the transit media system patented by Smate and Smate international Ltd, to brand 5000 tricycles (kekes), in order to extend the commission’s messages, as far as the elections are concerned.

The transit media operator will now carry messages from the INEC/ UNDP/EU via its reflective printing technology that allows advertising campaigns placed on the Keke Display panels to continue to be visible to commuters in all the states of the federation. The displays targeted at the grassroots and voting public are visible at distances up to 200 meters and enjoys the captive audiences of the commuters inside.

“We believe this will be sufficiently captivating for the target audience – the commuters who find themselves frequently behind the Kekes in traffic while on the move and accomplish its primary aim: getting every Nigerian to know that they have got power in their permanent voter’s card.”

Someone with the commission, pointed out that the main target is the Nigerian voter. “Nigerians need to go out and collect their PVCs and vote objectively, without fear of being intimidated by anyone at any time, in the course of the polls. This project will be undertaken in accordance with the specifications stated herein and applicable INEC and UNDP regulations, rules and directives, and subject to independent monitoring."

“This agreement also increases INEC’s scope for the expanded civic and voter education activities mentioned above,”

Smate & Smate revealed that the adverts will begin to appear on the Kekes within a week, when the production of the panels must have been completed and the registration of Keke drivers who will be responsible for carrying the adverts, both on the inside and on their rear-ends, would have been completed.


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