As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, KekeAds made available its patented Keke Advertising Display system, to promote the call centre telephone numbers of Lifeline Care Association, which provide ambulance services and rescue missions in the FCT. The numbers are promoted through the back panels on Keke tricycles all over the city.

Lifeline Care Association have managed to reduce mortality the FCT and is a service which requires a high degree of awareness amongst the general public in order to be effective. In the event of an emergency, the placement of the Lifeline call centre numbers on the Keke display system could help save lives. We are pleased to be associated with the Lifeline Care Association and will support their endeavours to create a safer and more conducive environment in the FCT.

Lifeline has over the years carved a niche out for itself where emergency services are concerned within Abuja. The founder and CEO Dr. Nkem Momah applauded the support from KekeAds and said, “Lifeline recently acquired a call centre facility to improve its life-saving humanitarian service. I believe the placement of our emergency contact telephone numbers at the point-of-need, the roads, is a positive development which will bring our services closer to the victims, hopefully, in time to save lives and make a difference.” 

The Keke motor tricycle is getting more interesting as the KekeAds brand launches the installation centres across the nation. Advertising display boards are fitted behind the Keke, facing the commuters in cars driving behind it and on inside panels facing the passengers inside, with an option of having a built-in leaflet dispenser.

Many of the Cause-related messages on display will be aimed at creating awareness among the public on issues like security, health issues, environment and education. Besides this, the Leaflet Distribution System (LDS) will also provide information on leaflets which interested passenger can pick up free of charge.

The Kekes are on the move on the roads these accidents occur and the synergy with Lifelines’ objectives is quite obvious. The Keke display system could also be effective in the current fight against terrorism and could take awareness messages to the people and areas missed by the conventional advertising media such as expensive TV spots, which are missing the target audience the messages are designed to reach.

The project is the first of its kind in the FCT. People largely opt for Kekes for mainly short journeys of 20 to 30 minute duration and KekeAds want to catch their attention. The Keke drivers benefit nicely, as a share of the advertising revenue generated is given to them as a rental fee for use of the motor tricycles. They won’t have to pay any registration fee to participate in the KekeAds System.


The idea is a hit among Keke owners and drivers in the FCT as over 500 of them have already come forward to adopt the system and earn more money. We have plans to install the display panels for clients on 3,000 Keke motor tricycles in the city in two months. Once we promote the idea, we are hopeful of a great response from SMEs, the public sector and multinational brands. The advertisers are also interested in the medium as the pricing is one of the lowest in the out-of-home media sector.

Innocent Dike, the first Keke driver who got the new system installed on his vehicle, was extremely happy. He revealed how some travellers were engrossed with the panels and how he had to actually remind them that they had reached their destination. “I am getting additional income too. I am now adding as much as N2,000 per month on an average to my income after getting the system fitted,” he said.

The company has plans to implement the concept all over the country and offers franchise opportunities for each region.


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