We are able to offer advertising deals outside and inside Motor Tricycles(Kekes) for use by brands and organizations targeting the commuters in the urban areas in many regions. Audio advertising and Near Field Communications (NFC)are now available in special locations.

These advertisements are presented on the back and inside of the newest and cleanest Kekes. The NFC, LCD and audio panels are installed inside for passenger attention.

Contact us for a proposal and quotation on KekeAds System. Click here to download a Case Study Presentation for the services below.

  • ✓   Audio Advertising System (AAS)
  • ✓   Back Panels Advertising (BPA)
  • ✓   Inside Panels Advertising (IPA)
  • ✓   Prime Routes Service* (PRS)
  • ✓   Brand Ambassador Service (BAS)
  • ✓   Leaflet Distribution System (LDS)
  • ✓   Plalight Reflective Panel (PRP)
  • ✓   NFC Interactive Panel (NIP)

*You can target particular communities, streets, markets or educational institutions. All our Kekes have a route, so can be selected by very specific geographic preferences.

We are adequately equipped to design, fabricate, install and organise the advertising campaigns.Our experience in hoisting well pasted boards is unrivalled across the nation. We continually train and monitor our maintenance teams to deliver quality in every aspect of our transit media operations.

There are plans to expand to other African countries in the future. Send us an e-Mail to enquire for more details: info@kekeads.com.


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