Advertise on the back, inside, audio system and carry out market research on our KekeAds system to reach a wide variety of areas with a single campaign. We can help you design and print the artwork or you can provide your own.

Our KekeAds cut through the clutter of daily life and reinforce messages that intercept the public consistently throughout the course of a day.

Millions will get to see your campaign messages every day, many of them will be passengers and others, the commuting general public. The demographics include affluent people, families, young and dynamic people who spend most of their time in traffic, quite a number of times a day they will be behind or inside a Keke.

Taking your messages to the consumer has never been easier!


  • Reach millions of commuters daily every month
  • Captive target audience
  • Vehicles operate from 6am – 10pm daily
  • Campaigns can be adapted for each region and in regional languages
  • Passenger polling and poll collation services available
  • Promotions can be measure using our NFC and QSR technology panels

Special printing, production and rental packages available, contact us for a quote.


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